Spice up your day with Come Come, our brand design for a Thai street food restaurant in Shanghai focusing on takeaway delivery food.
We developed a whole branding to tell a story about Bangkok’s street food that has long and continues to attract tourists from all over the world. Street food literally means “food at the side of the road”, eye-catching with mobile kitchens and stalls on sidewalks with foldable stools.
The concept comes from the smells, colors, and sounds that street food vendors add to Bangkok’s iconic atmosphere. Also, the vendors provide affordable mealtime options to working-class folks who simply want fast food that fulfills at a cheap price. 
As a result, we created ‘Come Come’, a Thai street-fast food restaurant, which provides a variety of Thai dishes in wok style— fast, fulfilling, and fun. It just fits right with the city lifestyle in Shanghai, as we can connect with people and immerse them into the street food pop-culture spontaneously.

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