Brand Overview ​​​​

Chi Art Series Hotel 1033 is a brand to gather free spirits, open-minded and authentic living in an art-filled environment guided by the pillars of inclusivity where everyone is welcome.
‘Chi Hotel’, a newly art hotel located at the heart of the city, is surrounded by tourist spots, local community, and the urban vibe of Klongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand.

Brand Core Concept

• Dare to be different. 
We are art and crafts lovers. We celebrate their uniqueness, individuality, and self-expression. Our hotel welcomes everyone, especially people who have an open heart.

• Sustainability is Sexy
Living a greener life is something we all should start to harvest. We will try to recycle our material as much as possible while committed to preserving the integrity of the neighborhood and attempt to be one of the first few plastic-free hotels here in Thailand.

• Combine with Community
Growing alongside with slum side of Bangkok is our concern. We want to be able to delete that stigma and try to make it seen as a heritage. Creating meaningful transformation to the communities in which we live, work, and play.
Brand Mission​​​

• Support creative cultures, social movements, and sustainable activities.
• Provide hospitality services that refresh body, mind, and soul.
• Support local people, businesses, and neighborhood
Hotel Anatomy

Ch’i = Life = Brand Core Value (Body / Mind / Soul) 
Art = Senses = Guest Experience (See / Hear / Smell / Taste / Touch) 
Hotel = Place (Experience / Explore / Socialize / Celebrate / Escape)

Brand Impression

1. Artistic / Daring / Stylish
2. Joyful / Positive / Passionate
3. Unique / Liberated / Sincere
• Chi means energy in Chinese. We want the hotel to buzz with expressive carefree energy where one can truly be themselves, both guests and staff.

• Letter C-H-I are combined to human-face-shape

• ๑๐๓๓ (one-o-three-three), or 1033 in Thai characteristic number, is the geocoding of Klongtoey. This name comes from a klong (canal) that was full of pandan leaves (toey).

• All the numbers that we display in the hotel will be all in Thai characters. From main elevators to room number details. Experiential travel is one of the biggest trends and I think art and culture could be an impactful memory makers.

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